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Apache MPM winnt

Описание:This Multi-Processing Module is optimized for Windows NT.
Идентификатор модуля:mpm_winnt_module
Исходный файл:mpm_winnt.c


This Multi-Processing Module (MPM) is the default for the Windows NT operating systems. It uses a single control process which launches a single child process which in turn creates threads to handle requests


Win32DisableAcceptEx Директива

Описание:Use accept() rather than AcceptEx() to accept network connections
По умолчанию:AcceptEx() is enabled by default. Use this directive to disable use of AcceptEx()
Контекст:server config
Совместимость:Available in Version 2.0.49 and later

AcceptEx() is a Microsoft WinSock v2 API that provides some performance improvements over the use of the BSD style accept() API in certain circumstances. Some popular Windows products, typically virus scanning or virtual private network packages, have bugs that interfere with the proper operation of AcceptEx(). If you encounter an error condition like:

[error] (730038)An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.: winnt_accept: AcceptEx failed. Attempting to recover.

you should use this directive to disable the use of AcceptEx().

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