Mail_Mime::setTxtBody() – set plain text part


require_once 'Mail/mime.php';

boolean setTxtBody ( string $data , boolean $isfile = false )


Sets the plain text part of a message


  • string $data - The text to set or, if $isfile is TRUE a valid filename. An URL as argument is not allowed.

  • boolean $isfile - If TRUE, the content of given file $data is used as message text.

Return value

boolean - Returns TRUE on success, PEAR_Error on failure.


Possible PEAR_Error values
Error code Error message Reason Solution
NULL "File is not readable file_name" The file was not found or the script has not enough rights to access the file. Check the file name and path. Check user and file permissions.
NULL "Could not open file_name" The file is already opened and exclusivly locked by another application. In the most cases a programm opens the file for writing. setTxtBody() does no file locking, so this problem is not caused by competitve callings of this function.


This function can not be called statically.

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