{capture} is used to collect the output of the template between the tags into a variable instead of displaying it. Any content between {capture name='foo'} and {/capture} is collected into the variable specified in the name attribute.

The captured content can be used in the template from the variable $smarty.capture.foo where foo is the value passed in the name attribute. If you do not supply the name attribute, then default will be used as the name ie $smarty.capture.default.

{capture}'s can be nested.


Attribute Name Type Required Default Description
name string Yes n/a The name of the captured block
assign string No n/a The variable name where to assign the captured output to
append string No n/a The name of an array variable where to append the captured output to

Option Flags:

Name Description
nocache Disables caching of this captured block


Be careful when capturing {insert} output. If you have $caching enabled and you have {insert} commands that you expect to run within cached content, do not capture this content.

Пример 7.21. {capture} with the name attribute

{* we don't want to print a div tag unless content is displayed *}
{capture name="banner"}
{capture "banner"} {* short-hand *}
  {include file="get_banner.tpl"}

{if $smarty.capture.banner ne ""}
<div id="banner">{$smarty.capture.banner}</div>


Пример 7.22. {capture} into a template variable

This example demonstrates the capture function.

{capture name=some_content assign=popText}
{capture some_content assign=popText} {* short-hand *}
The server is {$my_server_name|upper} at {$my_server_addr}<br>
Your ip is {$my_ip}.
<a href="#">{$popText}</a>


Пример 7.23. {capture} into a template array variable

This example also demonstrates how multiple calls of capture can be used to create an array with captured content.

{capture append="foo"}hello{/capture}I say just {capture append="foo"}world{/capture}
{foreach $foo as $text}{$text} {/foreach}


The above example will output:

I say just hello world


See also $smarty.capture, {eval}, {fetch}, fetch() and {assign}.

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