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This library is kind of useless without key functions like get_domain_info() and list_all_domains(). You can add and delete virtual domains, but you cannot list or view them. Without such functionality you can't go and write your own PHP front end to qmail.
2002-10-14 20:07:47
Well, you can safe your qmail-data like the domains, etc. in a database, which is quite usefull in my eyes. You just have to keep the data synchronized.
2002-10-15 14:50:24
In regard to an earlier post:

You can easily save the directory listing of ~vpopmail/domains and get the list of all domains on your system.

That's fairly easy and if you don't add/remove each day, you can keep the list static or update it via cron on certain intervals.
2002-10-16 10:31:28
just compile MySQL support into vpopmail and you've got it. then you can get all the needed info from the db.
2002-12-01 20:42:36
In reply to "You can easily save the directory listing of ~vpopmail/domains"

This would only work if you had 100 domains or less. After that, domains are broken up into directories. Vpopmail will not put more then 100 domains in a directory because it's not efficient.
2003-04-29 19:11:11
If you set vpopmail up with mysql support its quite easy to get a full listing of domains/users.  You'l only have to use the vpopmail php functions to add/delete users/domains in a own written front end.
2004-04-11 07:39:20
There is a more robust version of this extension, and other goodies for working with vpopmail from PHP available at:  http://pmailadmin.sourceforge.net/ 

The extension will get added back to PECL once it is finished and tested.
2004-06-02 09:01:31

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