(PHP 4, PHP 5)

connection_statusВозвращает статус соединения в битах


int connection_status ( void )

Получает статус соединения в битах.

Возвращаемые значения

Возвращает статус соединения в битах, который можно использовать в константах CONNECTION_XXX для определения статуса соединения.

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Notice !

if you running a loop (while, foeach etc..)  you have to send something to the browser to check the status.


    if (connection_status()!=0){
doesnt work, if the user break/close the browser.

But a:

    Echo "\n"; //<-- send this to the client
    if (connection_status()!=0){
will work :)

i hope it will help some of you to safe some time :)

2004-06-16 12:06:50
Yes it is true. I made some experiments with that functions 'connection_abortes()'. First a source made an error, which I see. They wrote: ignore_user_abort();

But that only gives you the status of the 'Abort-Setting'.
So I try (with little hope)
And as I readout the setting it has changed it...

Next I see that the script runs after I disconnect with the site. But other experiments fail. I try some things and then it
was logical after an experiment: flush() is one of the necessary things. Without those output to the client the function 
          'connection_aborted()' stays on 'false'
The Second is that you have to output something. Without that it also doesn't works.
So I now know that you have to echo something and then output the buffer. Only then 'the Script' (or the function)
'knows' that the client is disconnected.
2005-03-20 23:59:37
You can always send chr(0) to check if browser is still alive, that will show no output in browser page (at least in Firefox).
2009-01-26 18:01:28

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