История PHP и смежных проектов


PHP прошел длинный путь со дня своего рождения в середине 1990-х. От скромного появления до становления одним из самых популярных языков веб-программирования - эволюция PHP словно IT-сказка. Эта небольшая статья для тех из вас, кому интересно как развивался PHP. Если вы хотите прикоснуться к кусочку Интернет истории, то вы можете найти старые релизы PHP в » Музее PHP.


Some may say that history of a programming or scripting language is not important, but i think it is very crucial if you want to understand the architectural development and reasons behind it. So presentation can be important too, i think this is a more clear version of this document: http://line.do/history-of-php/r5q4x1
2013-08-28 15:33:37
PHP is actually a recursive initialism. Not a recursive acronym. 

The difference is that an acronym is reserved for initials that are pronounced as a word and not by their individual letters. The latter refers to an initialism.
2013-10-11 23:12:13
As the nationality of Zeev and Andi was mentioned, I was curious as to where Rasmus hailed from.

Wikipedia says he was born in Greenland and moved to Canada in 1980.
2015-10-02 22:01:57
Can these notes be updated for PHP 6 / 7 ?

The history is great.
2016-01-20 18:25:29
It seems like PHP7 is missing here totally, also some comment about why skip PHP6 version would be nice.
2017-07-21 03:01:53

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