Zend Engine 2 API reference



    Bugs. Instead report a bug for this manual page to the bug database.
    Missing documentation. Also, report that as a bug.
    Support questions. See the support page for available options. In other words, do not ask questions within the user notes.
    References to other notes or authors. This is not a forum, so we neither encourage nor permit discussions here. Further, if a note is referenced directly, and that note is later removed or modified, it can cause confusion.
    Code collaboration or improvements. This is not to suggest that your code modification is not good, perhaps even great, but this just isn't the place to show it off. We don't even accept all original code submissions. Your best bet is to publish it on your blog or via another medium.
    Links to your website, blog, code, or a third-party website. We do, on occasion, permit the posting of famous websites (such as faqs.org or the MySQL manual), but links to other sites, no matter how well-intended, will likely be removed.
    Complaints that your notes keep getting deleted. Sometimes the content of your note may be fine, but we might just hate your face for no good reason. (More likely, though, you didn't bother to read this page, and you violated one of these rules.)
    Notes in languages other than English. 不 gach duine понимает el lenguaje जिसमें Sie sprechen.
    SPAM. This should go without saying, but apparently some folks out there just don't get it.
    Your disdain for PHP and/or its maintainers. Go learn FORTRAN instead.
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