mSQL Функции



To those porting code from w3-msql/lite to php, a few functions are different or missing (aside from the fact that the order of arguments is reversed and the other signatures are different...not good design work, imho, or was it built for msql 1.x?  At any rate, conformity with the C and Lite API should have been maintained.).

The lite/C function msqlStoreResult() is automatically done in msql_query() and msql(). 
msql_fetch_field() doesn't give you the field length value (unlike msqlFetchField()).  You have to call msql_fieldlen() to get that.

msqlEncode() is missing.  The functionality (which is needed for pretty much ALL SQL based rdbms's) is in addSlashes() in the String library.
2000-05-15 17:11:37

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