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Procedural File: block.textformat.php

Source Location: /phpDocumentor/Smarty-2.6.0/libs/plugins/block.textformat.php

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Smarty plugin

smarty_block_textformat [line 30]

string smarty_block_textformat( array $params, string $content, Smarty &$smarty)

Smarty {textformat}{/textformat} block plugin

Type: block function
Name: textformat
Purpose: format text a certain way with preset styles or custom wrap/indent settings


return:  string $content re-formatted
link:  {textformat} (Smarty online manual)


array  $params 
 Params:   style: string (email)
           indent: integer (0)
           wrap: integer (80)
           wrap_char string ("\n")
           indent_char: string (" ")
           wrap_boundary: boolean (true)
string  $content  contents of the block
Smarty  &$smarty  clever simulation of a method
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