Глава 8. Zend_Currency

8.1. Introduction to Zend_Currency

Zend_Currency is part of the I18N core of the Zend_Framework. It handles all issues related to currency, money representation and formating. And it also provides additional informational methods which include localized informations on currencies, informations about which currency is used in which region and more.

8.1.1. Why should Zend_Currency be used ?

Zend_Currency offers the following functions for handling currency and money related work.

  • Complete Locale support

    Zend_Currency works with all available locales and has therefor the ability to know about over 100 different localized currency informations. This includes for example currency names, abbreviations, money signs and more.

  • Reuseable currency definitions

    Zend_Currency does not include the value of the currency. This is the reason why it's functionallity is not included in Zend_Locale_Format. But this gives the advantage that already defined currency representations can be reused.

  • Fluid interface

    Zend_Currency includes the fluid interface where possible.

  • Additional informational methods

    Zend_Currency includes additional methods which offers informations about in which regions a currency is used or which currency is known to be used in a defined region.

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