(PHP 4, PHP 5)

socket_get_statusПсевдоним stream_get_meta_data()


Эта функция является псевдонимом: stream_get_meta_data().


sockets created using socket(), which are mostly used for listening for connections, are not friendly to this function, you will not get your expected results (if you get any results at all)
2000-12-11 05:30:57
This function worked for me under 4.0.4pl1

bytes_left function will tell you how many bytes are left in the buffer of socket $fp. It assumes you didn't make $fp global

function bytes_left($fp) {
  $status = socket_get_status ($fp);
  $bytes = $status["unread_bytes"];
  return $bytes;       
2002-01-24 19:51:44
Note that if you set the socket non-blocking via socket_set_blocking() you cannot check if the socket has timed out with this function.


$status = socket_get_status($fp);

if ($status['timed_out']) {
    echo "socket timed out\n";

The above condition will never be true even if the socket has timed out.

I'm not sure if this behaviour is just not documented or a bug. Anyways I'm posting it here because it took some time to figure out.
2002-02-21 01:48:21

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